XenForo Project - Need Partners

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    • XenForo Project - Need Partners

      I have a spare set of XenForo licences and this includes the following

      XenForo Gallery
      XenForo Resources

      Plus I have a load of paid add ons mostly from here Snog's XenForo Mods & Add-ons and these include the following.

      So I am possibly looking for a project and partners (possibly a core group of around 4 to 5 people) for said project.

      What I would require from the partners.
      1. Post content
      2. Recruit new members
      3. Make suggestions on the setting up of said project
      4. Be actively involved in all aspects of the project.
      Unfortunately in the past I have had people wanting to be part of a project and then just becoming lurkers offering no value to the project after the first few days.

      I will also pay for the domain name and hosting so no cash would be needed from anyone at this stage.

      So if you feel you into this please let me know :thumbup:
      The level of importance is judged by the level of response