Using PM to canvas your members

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    • I'm not sure that I understand the question. Are you asking if all members should have the ability to send personal messages to each other?

      I see no reason for not letting everyone use the feature. If someone wants to try and poach members they will just look for other methods of doing it if the PM feature wasn't enabled.

      I don't believe in punishing everyone over the actions of a few.
    • meetdilip wrote:

      Enabling PM is at times an easy way for many to contact your members.
      Yes, it's unfortunate the some people use it for doing such things but I don't believe in punishing everyone because of them. I have received help and information through private messages in the past on forums from members who did not want to share things with everyone, I'm thankful that they had a way of doing it.
    • A valid point. We check new members and if we see them start to use the pm straight away we do a thorough check on them.

      We have had some new members do this to spam with and strangely they tend to contact one of our staff members. Not real bright of them.
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    • PM's are one of those things I'd like to put back into the battle sometimes.

      On one of my sites, we don't allow PM's. Of course, I've gotten away with it because on that particular site we never enabled them. Every once in a blue (once in a while) someone will ask for that feature & I've learned it's best to just about ignore the question and allow my members to address it (out of sight, out of mind).

      One another site I allow anyone to PM. It doesn't matter when you joined or if that's all you're going to do is send PM's to your friends, have at it if you wish. I couldn't care less & in that particular community spammers are dealt with quickly. My members religiously report them as if their very lives depended on it, so they're short lived & aren't an issue.

      It's the middle of these two that bothers me. When suddenly I have a bunch of angry members asking me what I'm going to do about the PM's they're getting, yet they've reported nothing, and I learn it's been going on for 2 1/2 weeks. As though I'm some kind of mind readers & would automatically know.
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