Moderators Wanted

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    • Moderators Wanted

      Hello, Hello!

      Forum Stats:

      • Created: February 8, 2012
      • Forum Software: IPB4 (Or Xenforo)...haven't decided which we'd be using
      • Post Count: 550,000
      • Topic Count: 12,000+
      • Member count: 2,000+ total

      My forum, Akylos, is looking to do a revamp of the site and it is direction throughout the month as well as looking for new staff members who want to join the team and help create something great.

      The site itself is a forum dedicated to General Discussion, Gaming, RP, and Anime. We are looking to expand to more great things and do great things, hopefully and could use some new teammates.

      What I look for is:
      • Diversity--- I love meeting new people and all types of people with various interests from all over the world.
      • Reliability- Someone you can count on to do the tasks asked of them, asked questions when they have them and just all around a useful contributor to the team/community.
      • Authenticity- I notice on so many forums all the staff members seem to be...well, carbon copies. I like seeing different admin styles and moderating styles. We don't all need to be exactly alike. I don't want staff that are my 'mini-me'. I want to see you be a leader within yourself., Let's see what you bring to the team. Are you more of a no-nonsense type of person or the more nurturing and softer staff member? Like I said...diversity. :)
      • Communication- If for some reason you find yourself not able to do tasks or losing the interest or you are bothered by something, please be able to communicate. Telepathy is not something I possess as a skill lol and it becomes difficult to know what is an issue...if there is no issue.

        All people are welcome to hit me up. Join the forum and let me know you are interested at the link I posted above OR message me here(Joining the forum is easiest and fastest way for me to respond).

        I look forward to working with you!