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      Hi. My names are Rinalds. I'm a freelancer, consultant and hard working guy with great ideas. I'm working with WordPress as a daily weapon. Founder of few projects. I'm trying to stay focused on important things and follow newest trends.

      As I'm slowly changing my field from working and putting my hands on actual websites - I'm starting to offer to consult with people who have a website, forum or plan to have a new one.

      Only for Admin-Hub, I offer 3 free consultations with me. So 3 happy people will be able to get in touch with me and ask me any questions about the field. I will look at the actual website or forum you have and write my review.

      Have I done it before? Yes! I have delivered service to Fiverr - Fiverr Gig
      Also, part of my daily job is consulting in Danish company.

      What do I ask in return? Nothing but following, adding me in social media or giving your review on my work is appreciated. ( Not required ) I'm not asking for any money from people here in Admin-Hub.

      So if you're interested - get in touch with me here in forum.

      I'm working with websites for a lot of years now and have knowledge in forums. I'm going back to school to study IT - the plan is to be great at mobile applications and meanwhile work as a consultant. I have failed websites and websites that succeeded and I have sold.
      I run a small business in my home country - creating WordPress websites for small clients. Although I can make a good living out of it - I'm not focusing that business as I want to consult other people or business. I do believe that's something I will be great at!

      For this special offer I will not consult in a business field or a startup field - I'm busy A LOT right now! However I will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Only Exclusive to Admin-Hub members. Let's name it half additional bonus for march contest from Admin-Hub community. 8o
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