How To Reduce Server Response Time Or TTFB (Time To First Byte)

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    • How To Reduce Server Response Time Or TTFB (Time To First Byte)

      To be blunt, the vast majority of articles on the internet regarding lowering TTFB are utter nonsense created by content writers with no technical or performance optimization skills who are simply repeating what everyone else says online. We started to offer WordPress Speed Optimization Service few years back and we wanted to share things we have learned for people or companies who want to improve their WordPress or Woocommerce website on their own. There will be couple of these posts, so keep an eye out.

      What Is Server Response Time?
      The response time of a server is a broad indicator of its responsiveness. It refers to the time between the user’s request and the web browser receiving the first byte from the server (time to the first byte).
      Although most blogs and publications claim that TTFB is unimportant, it is. Lowering the server response time enhances website speed, resulting in a better user experience. The lower the TTFB, the better.

      What Qualifies as a Good TTFB?
      The response time of a WordPress site is strongly dependent on location; we expect a good TTFB to be in the 0.1-0.2 second range for users in the country or continent where the site is hosted, and 0.2-0.5 seconds overseas.
      According to Google’s standards, anything in the 200-600 ms range suggests good TTFB, but if it’s more than 500 ms, there’s some work to be done.
      It’s a good idea to evaluate your TTFB as a starting point – several tools may check for TTFB timings ( SpeedVitals is one of them ) as well as other metrics and factors that affect it, such as DNS hosting speed and HTTP2 protocol capability.
      Because site speed varies all the time, the result will change each time you do a test, so it’s best to run a few tests from different places (US, Europe, Asia, Australia). Keep in mind that the higher the TTFB, the further away the testing location or the visitor is.
      We don’t suggest the Google Page Insight tool because it only analyzes speed from the United States in most circumstances, resulting in erratic speed averages.

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