Pinned How well would you rate your overall experience with Invision Power Board?

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    • How well would you rate your overall experience with Invision Power Board?

      On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being outstanding and 1 being the worst), how well would you rate Invision Power Board overall? 10
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        9 (1) 10%
        8 (3) 30%
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        6 (4) 40%
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        4 (1) 10%
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      I have asked the same question of all the paid forum scripts. Please share the overall experience you've had with IPB and tell us why you voted the way you did.

      Rate: vBulletin
      Rate: WoltLab Burnning Board
      Rate: XenForo
    • I've never really had much issues with the software as a User. It works well. My main complaint for IPB as a user that has been partially improved in IPB4 is the notification system. It is not bad by any means but it felt half-baked and wasn't as strong as it could be. IPB4 does partially fix a lot of my annoyances but still the notification system can be better improved.

      AS an admin and why the software is my preference, is simply because the Software feels complete. Offering useful 1st party apps, Beautiful/unique themes and a strong software(that does have some glitches from time to time) while offering a solid product that I don't have to keep patching holes with 3rd party add-ons is why I like it.

      Some things need to be fixed/improved in IPB4.
      - I am not a fan of Activity Stream
      - IP chat needs to be modernized a bit more as well.
      - The software does have some minor(for me) bugs and glitches.

      But I find the product great and it is something my community enjoys using and something I can recommend to people. I rated it an 8
    • GTB wrote:

      I voted 6

      Don't really like IPB for using. It's different, they have their own forum style that quite different from WBB and XenForo - that both feel pretty similar to one another for using. Love and hate thing with IPB, you either love or hate it, there is no in-between.
      I kind of feel like I am 'in-between' with the new version. There are a few things I really like about it, but my God!, there are also a lot of things that drive me crazy. I voted 8, and I was very indulgent about it. It's more of a 7.5.
    • The limitations on what you can do with promotions and other aspects still chaff me - and is one of the reasons I rank it as low as I do. I am using it now on a new site - but that's because I already had the license paid for and it wasn't doing any good for the other site that has no traffic. This will be more of a niche site and I hope I can eventually get it to take off.
      Are you a Brother of the Briar?
      Or is Linux more to your speed?
    • Never seen such a horrible company.
      I uploaded a file on a warez site.
      Invision contacted me if i wanted to remove it.
      I wrote back a huge apology email on how sorry i was.
      Then i got a email back

      Invision Power wrote:

      Thank you for your apology. It does not make the situation “ok” - however, we will not prevent the site admin from running their site as they see fit and if they would like to bring you on as an admin, that’s fine. You are NOT authorized to access IPS files or systems - that is non-negotiable, no matter how many PMs, e-mails and tweets you send, I’m afraid. Should we find you’ve gained access to the client area, marketplace or otherwise - the site WILL be terminated and the account owner will be made aware of this.

      Thank you again for reaching out.
      In other words i make one mistake and i'm banned for life without a chance of getting a second chance.
      I really know what i did was very wrong i told them that but they cleary can't put themselves in their clients position.
      So my advice stay away from them if you ever did one thing wrong in their eyes and even apologize back to them they still treat you as dirt.
    • BB8 wrote:

      laracroftonline wrote:

      In other words i make one mistake and i'm banned for life without a chance of getting a second chance.
      Sorry, but you basically tried to commit an economic crime. Every grocery store will ban you for a lifetime if you do that. Why should IPS act differently?
      Not if you get a psychiatrist's signature confirming that you suffer from kleptomania and are undergoing treatment...