Wordpress delete all comments the easy way

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    • Wordpress delete all comments the easy way

      You probably had some old WordPress sitting around, where you open it and see bunch of spam comments. Will show you quick way how to delete them using your database and disable comments.

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      At that moment you understand that it will take you some good time to delete them.

      Solution is quite simple. You need access to database.

      Access your database, most likely with phpmyadmin from cPanel. Find your comments and comments meta table. - > empty. This will clear all your comments. Spam and the ones that was ok. You will have no comments. I'm doing this very often cause a lot of blogs change their commenting to FB comments so they don't need any old comments anyway.

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      Now we need to get to disable part. There are many ways and I believe that using plugin is the fastest and easiest.

      Pick any of "Disable comments" plugins available and disable comments on posts and pages. Simple as that.
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