Can't delete 2MB Autocode plugin WordPress fix

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    • Can't delete 2MB Autocode plugin WordPress fix

      So recently because of one GDPR plugin a lot of sites got hacked.

      2 of my clients had their sites down. Today I found out that one of my clients has this one plugin "2MB Autocode plugin". Plugin itself was good, but it allowed hackers to keep adding scripts etc. Deleting from server didn't help cause it just showed up again after few seconds.

      Wordfence or others no help.

      How to fix it? *backup your database before

      1. Search for wp-cache.php file. Most likely it will be in /plugins/ folder. Delete it.
      2. Go into phpMyadmin and search for "2mb_autocode"
      3. Delete everything related to it.
      4. Delete 2mb autocode plugin from file directory.

      This fixed my problem.
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