Working with New Kajabi

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    • Working with New Kajabi

      So as I get more clients in New Kajabi, I wanted to leave this post as a timeline to add issues and problems I see with Kajabi.

      I'm not excited.. It's third website I'm doing and I get many problems because of limitations. You can code most of the things, but if somebody would use their service, they would be limited.

      • Problems with CTA buttons. Can't change style.
      • Subscribe with email. Can't change style.
      • No height settings for specific block.
      • You can upload 1 photo at the time.
      • No media side. So you can't upload photos you need. Had to upload small icons 1 by 1 and get the url for it.
      • No options to hide or make different blocks/elements for mobile. ( big minus )
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