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    • review

      I decided to keep outside of topic for now.

      I'm using Runcloud now for 2 days. On first notice, it takes way more ram compared to Serverpilot. However I love the UI, filemanager for quick fix when I don't want to connect to server. Also Runcloud has more features that I missed from Serverpilot.

      At this moment I love the cost and overall experience.

      However, I have created my first support ticket today with them. I'm having problems with 2 of my domains that I added for test.

      At this moment it looks like I will switch to Runcloud.

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    • Update, I'm still using Runcloud. I had to upgrade my DigitalOcean account because one of the websites asked for more resources.

      However one bad news for me today. They don't support Emoji domains. They have it planned.

      Hi Rinalds,

      Thanks for contacting RunCloud support!

      Currently, RunCloud doesn’t support Emoji for the domain name. Please note that the domain name must be a subdomain, root domain or a wildcard subdomain.

      We have already added this feature in our roadmaps and you can expect it soon but we cannot promise any ETA regarding this.

      My RunCloud screenshot

      This is my setup at the moment. Haven't experienced any downtime. Shut if off one time because of upgrade on DigitalOcean.
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