Domain extension .dk problems

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    • Domain extension .dk problems

      hey all.. Wanted to talk a bit about extensions. In this case .dk

      Maybe there are other extensions that has some hustle with it to work.

      Long story short, client needed domain so we bought .dk domain from GoDaddy. (Denmark). From usual .com domain it takes around 2 - 5 working days for it to actually work cause you need to approve that you are danish citizen. We managed to do that. After half a year we decided to switch hosting, made changes but nothing happened. Old NameServers was still there. After 2 GoDaddy supports we finally managed for it to work.

      You need to contact DK HostMaster that is responsible about .dk domains. You have to approve changes and only after that they inform GoDaddy that's okey to change. I understand the security issues but it's crazy. Best part that all of client websites now want to use new nameservers :clapping:

      Is there any other countries or domains that are hard to work with?

      So far I know that .lv .io .net .org .com .blog .directory .lt .ru doesn't ask for any more work. How about others?
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    • @BB8 it's not GoDaddy problem because whenever you check domain, actual owner is DK HostMaster. Also when you speak to GoDaddy, they can't do anything before DH HostMaster approves.

      Best part, on letters that we received even though you're owner of the domain and payer, down below it shows that you're paying to some german guy :D Best part you pay to GoDaddy.

      We picked GoDaddy because it was cheaper to buy there. In DK they costed more.
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