Are free XenForo add-ons a thing of the past?

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    • Are free XenForo add-ons a thing of the past?

      I just visited the XenForo Resource Manager to find a particular add-on that I want to use, and I noticed that every add-on on the first page (latest releases) is a paid add-on. 3rd party add-on creators are now asking for ridiculous amounts of money for add-ons that should probably be free. I see Stuart Wright wants 30 GBP (about $44) for his Tag Essentials add-on; I just watched a video not long ago with Matt Cutts from Google saying that these kind of tags actually hurt your SEO. I also see that many add-ons that were once free when Wandango-what's-his-name had them are now paid for after Theme House took them over, this has happened with other people as well.

      What's going on with XenForo add-ons? Are the days of finding decent XF add-ons for free gone? I also noticed the official XF support forums are now full of threads with people wanting support for their 3rd party add-ons.
    • 1. Someone creates a paid XenForo add-on because making one for free is not motivating him to keep it updated.2. People like it and spend a lot of money.
      3. Other add-on creators who did work for free notice their obvious mistake.
      4. More add-ons are released as payware.
      5. GOTO 3.

      You use a paid board system and ask why so many add-ons for a different board system are paid?

      Send in the clowns.
    • BB8 wrote:

      You use a paid board system and ask why so many add-ons for a different board system are paid?
      For many years you could always find good free modifications for vBulletin. WoltLab has a lot of decent or low cost (compared to XF) plugins, and IPS (IPB) had a decent amount of free modifications 9or whatever they call them) as well. It seems like it's just the XF add-ons that have gone strictly the pay route, and again, many of them are hardly worth their cost.
    • It's all about the money now. People used to be big into stuff as a "hobby", including the developers. Now, more are concerned with making something from it. Heck, I remember when I ran a BBS, I was forking out around $75-100 a month just on the phone lines and LD calls for mail delivery. Not to mention the $6000 or so that the computer and modems cost to keep the BBS up. Back then we did it because we enjoyed runnign the BBS's. To many people are into the forums as a money maker instead of a public service. That has evolved into many of the developers also.

      Flashback moment!

      Are you a Brother of the Briar?
      Or is Linux more to your speed?

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    • I called it. Said this was going to happen. Was told to shut up and that I didn't know what I was talking about. LMAO :1f602:

      A lot of the haters on XF are from IPB and the mentality there is $$$$ or bust. I recall someone trying to sell for $5 just to obtain smilies (which turned out you could get free elsewhere). Also, recall $10 just to be told where to edit a template yourself.

      Those folks jumped from one place to the other. Which can harm their host development!

      I understand everyone has to eat. But I firmly believe there needs to be a balance. It cannot all be just about the money you can leech off of people starting out.

      Strangely enough, today IPB now has more free developments than xenforo. As does WoltLab Burning Board. I suspect a slow and steady rise in IPB and WBB favorability (real word usability, not fandom)
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