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  • What are your thoughts? Google is fighting Facebook back. Is anyone planning to try this out in some blog? Blogs that have added AMP haven't yet received their AMP icon in google search. But on the plus side, they have seen small improvements in google search.

    It’s been a few months since Google released the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages into its search engine results. It’s open source and backed by WordPress and Google specifically for speeding up the mobile web rendering experience. However, I’m not yet sold on this. Here are some thoughts on why I will wait on implementing Google AMP.
    AMP is Google reply to Facebook Instant Articles. If you haven’t heard about Facebook Instant Articles – it’s ok. Only a few publishers are using it. In short, to explain – you’re staying in a Facebook application and reading news instantly. There is almost no waiting time and usually, I’m getting less than a second to load the article. According to Facebook, you’re opening web…
  • As - regardless of PHP 7.0 coming with phenomenal performance and stability improvements - some people refrain from running their own board because older PHP versions had a long history of security quirks, I thought I'd compile a list of actively developed (as in: the latest visible code change should not be older than one year) non-PHP board software with working online demo links for you. Some of them are really neat. :)

    Board SoftwareLanguageDemo boardNotes
    AsmBBAssemblerDemoWritten in Assembler (!). Does not require any libraries on the server. Assembler! What the actual fuck?
    AtlasC# (Blazor/WASM)Demo(One of?) The first known forum software that runs C# directly in the web browser by making use of WebAssembly.
    cforumRubyDemoA simple threaded forum, seemingly written for the SELFHTML website (but open source).
    DiscourseRubyDemoHeavily relies on Javascript. Only installation through a Linux Docker container is officially supported.
    DjangoBBPython (Django framework)DemoWhile the support

  • Running a forum is not technically difficult these days. But it is to keep it up and running without hassles. Apart from the hosting woes, you need to deal with spammers, hackers and what not.

    Secure your hosting

    Let us hope your host is smart enough to handle DDoS attacks using CloudFlare or similar technologies. And make sure that you give proper permissions to directories and files have proper permissions that meets industry standards. Avoid anything that give 777 permissions on your hosting. That would be an open invitation to someone who wishes to malice your website. For those who do not know, 777 will allow anyone ( ie, user, group and world ) to read, write and execute permissions on your hosting.

    Make sure you change your cPanel (or other control panel if you use something different ) log in password if you had to share it with someone else ( avoid this if possible ). The same applies to your FTP password.

    Make sure you verify the security of whatever you install on…

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