• Rinalds
    Forgot minor mistakes with SSL and cloudflare
  • Rinalds
    Today sex with ssh and processes + admin-ajax #wordpress
  • BB8
    I won't go away.
  • Paul
    It's good to see you're still around Daniel and BB8.
  • BB8
    Woohoo. Also, WBB rocks.
  • Daniel
    Good to see the forum cleaned up again :)
  • Rinalds
    + I wanted to see longer statistics of the forum to see how it works on active and downtime.
  • Rinalds
    Yes and no. I'm not sure that WBB is able to deliver it. It needs massive category removal and rework.
  • Paul
    I think the forum has potential for someone who has the time available that is needed to put into it.
  • Rinalds
    + I needed SSL applied again and wait for approvals, etc.
  • Rinalds
    UK, DE, Spain... etc. + I wanted to leave forum alone for a bit. I don't have full plan for it at this moment.
  • Rinalds
    I have beeeeeeeeen away with clients
  • Ozzy47
  • Paul
    Hey Rinalds, where have you been?


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